100% All Natural Pet Litter and Bedding, providing animals and their caretakers a natural alternative. 

Gentle Touch Products is located in a suburb of Omaha, NE. Our primary goal is to meet customer specific needs for all natural, biodegradable pet litter and bedding. For all sizes and types of pets and animals.

Gentle Touch Products are biodegradable and have No Odor.

Benefits of using Gentle Touch Products

  • Pet litter and bedding is produced using all natural aspen or all natural pinewood. Whichever is best for your animal.
  • Pet litter and bedding are virtually dust free.
  • Litter stays in the box and does not track versus traditional clay litters.
  • Pet litter and bedding are easier to clean up and double as a fertile mulch for flower gardens or when tilled into a garden.
  • Pet litter products are economical to use, a single layer is all that is needed.
  • Pet bedding products provide pets the ability to nest and is safe if ingested. Other products cause intestinal blockage, respiratory problems and other diseases associated with animal waste.
  • Gentle Touch Products provide your pet with a drier and odor controlled environment.
  • Gentle Touch Products extend box or cage cleaning intervals. Many caretakers have reported that Gentle Touch Products last four to five times longer than other products.
  • Gentle Touch Products last 3 to 4 times longer than wood.

For more detailed information about our natural aspen wood cat box filleraspen pet beddingpine wood pet bedding and horse bedding products, go to our Products Page. To send us a question or message, go to our Contact Us page. 

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