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Gentle Touch Products!

“There are several things that I insist upon for my cat’s litter. It must be safe for the cats; it must hold odors; it must be easy for me to use; and it absolutely must be chemical free and not harm the environment. Gentle Touch cat litter is the only litter I have used which does all of that for finicky me! My cats and bunnies love it. I have two cats with asthma and one bunny who’s prone to pnuemonia – I feel this litter is extending their lives! I’m ecstatic about Gentle Touch because its so easy for me to use and my house smells great. I very enthusiastically endorse Gentle Touch Cat Litter.”

Gail Colombo, Feline Territory Behaviorist, Cat Faeries, San Francisco, California www.catfaeries.com

With a couple cats in the house you can imagine the smell. Well, I met Jay from Gentle Touch at a cat show and that was it, I was hooked. Gentle Touch is an excellent product–very absorbent and odor controlling. It is reasonably priced and works wonders. I had 2 cats that would not use the box when I added it to my regular litter. So, I mix in regular litter 2 scoops and 3 or 4 scoops Gentle Touch.  It is fine now and they will adjust. I have a box with only Gentle Touch and one with the mix. I would recommend this product to anyone with a cat.”Thanks Gentle Touch, my cats Love YA!!!!

Nicole Day, Cat Lover

“I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! to Gentle Touch Products, as they have given me my house back.”

“We have been using this litter for approximately four years now at the shelter, where we have at any one time at least 100 cats in two rooms. This litter is fantastic!! We generally have at least 10 litter boxes in the main room for approximately 70 – 90 cats and 4 litter boxes in the first room for approximately 10 – 30 cats (new arrivals). Everyone who comes to our shelter always comments on how clean the building is and asks what kind of litter we use – there is no smell – and I mean NO SMELL!!!! No smell in the air and no smell on the cats either. There is no dust or litter all over the floor – whatever does come out of the boxes can be put right back in. All of our volunteers use this litter now and many of the people who adopt from us also use it – they are so amazed at how clean the litter is and at the amazing control of odor. “

We use this litter in our cages at the adoption center at PetsMart – our cages always look and smell very nice and clean. 

I also have 18 cats in my house and only 4 litter boxes. This litter is so wonderful that I only have to dump my four boxes and wash once a week – with 18 cats!! I know that without this litter, I would not be able to have 18 cats in my house. Unless you see them, you would never guess there are that many in my house. 

I wish everyone would use this litter – it is healthy for the animals – no fear of ingesting clay and possibly causing death and no smell for the owner as well. I think that is also the reason that the cats adjust to it so well – the box is always clean for them every time they go in whether we have had a chance to scoop or not. I would recommend this litter to anyone.”

Joann Barrows, President , Second Chance Animal Rescue, Youngstown, OH 44515

“I am very pleased with the Gentle Touch Horse Bedding. Since I started using your Horse Bedding in October of 2004, my stall hands have stated that “We like the fact that we have less time and maintenance involved in picking the stalls, since it lasts longer than other products we have experienced.” The barn has been almost odor free since we started using Gentle Touch Aspen Horse Bedding.” Since I started using your Aspen Horse Bedding our upper respiratory problems have been eliminated and this is why I highly recommend “Gentle Touch Horse Bedding.”

G.W. Venteicher, Owner, Highview Farms

“We use Gentle Touch Products at the clinic and have been pleased with their performance. We also dispense an 8 Ib. bag of cat box filler for use at home after onychectomy surgery (declaw). Gentle Touch has a fine line of pellet litter/bedding products that work.

Ronald J. Dobesh, DVM

.they have exceeded our wildest expectations for odor control. Other products we have tried are not in the same league–and believe us, we’ve tried them all!…”

Gerry Bucsis, Barbara Somerville

“I have been using Gentle Touch since I saw it at the Douglas County Fair in 1992. As an English Angora rabbi breeder, I raise my rabbits in the basement of my home. Ammonia is a very major concern of mine. I house approximately 12-15 rabbits at all times. I line my trays with newspaper, then use a thin layer of shavings, and then sprinkle Gentle Touch throughout the tray using a heavier concentration in the “bathroom” corners. 

Because of Gentle Touch I am able to have an “odor free” home and basement. Using Gentle Touch I change trays only one a week, sometimes it can be 10-12 days before I get a chance to do them. I do not know of any other product (and I have tried many) that will absorb not only urine but the smell you get from raising animals.” 

Sharon L. Steward

“I have used Gentle Touch Cat Litter in my cattery since 1997. I have found that this product, made of Aspen wood, is by far superior to other litter products.” ……”and the best part of using Gentle Touch litter products is the odor control. The Aspen wood absorbs the moisture and the ammonia present in it and leaves the litter smelling more like wet leaves in a forest after a rain.”

Nancy Basler 

“I have used Gentle Touch cat litter since 1996, it is the best litter I have ever used,”……Gentle Touch lasts 3 or 4 times longer than wood shavings, Gentle Touch absorbs the ammonia smell.”………”But the most important reason I use Gentle Touch it’s good for my cats good for me and good for the earth.”

Claudia Obermiller

“I had to write and tell you how wonderful Gentle Touch litter is.”………Since using Gentle Touch litter, there is a fresh, woodsy smell that lasts nearly 2 weeks. Gentle Touch litter is recommended by the Rat and Mouse Club of America because it contains no volatile oils such as those found in cedar or pine which has been shown to cause severe respiratory problems in rodents.”…..”it does a superior job of controlling odor.”……”Finally, a product that does what it says it will.”

Lynda Blair

“….great litter, with good moisture absorbency and odor control.”

Diane B. Rogers

“…..I am very much against the clumping litter and am always fighting the litter dust from conventional clay litter, so decided to give this stuff a try, though I must admit I was more than skeptical about all I was told.” “….we all are in agreement this stuff is GREAT!!……..The larger pellets are more absorbent, hence the reduced odor.”

Carol H. Radats

We “won” a bunny at a local carnival on July 4th. Because it was the 4th we had to go to a local K-mart to get bunny supplies. There was only one type of litter available appropriate for bunnies — could not use Cedar or anything that made dust. It was awful. The little bunny’s litter box was quite disturbing. A few days later we were told of a “bunny store”. They only recommend Gentle Touch products — the cat litter that also is good for small pets. This was a wonderful bit of advise. By being able to place two litter boxes in our home, our bunny runs happily through the house all day. We have been using this litter for the full 4 years of his life. You cannot tell we have a pet when you walk in our home. This litter lasts much longer than any other — as we have to change it less often.

Through discovery, I would also recommend using the litter appropriate for the rabbit’s size. As ours is a dwarf (2-4 pounds) we use the cat litter for small animals. It’s more firm and longer in size and does not break up. It absorbs a little slower so we simply add a little more depth about 1.5 inches. I was very appreciative to be able to order it off the web, when our Bunny store had to close.”

Thanks Lori